Node Butler

Manage your ICON node with ease

A dashboard for ICON blockchain validators to manage administrative tasks.

What is Node Butler?

Node-Butler is a web-based blockchain application with the goal of making it easier to manage validator nodes in the ICON Network.

Why Node Butler?

Perform all common validator tasks from a single place – no need for multiple tools or a command line. Node Butler makes it easy to edit your on-chain information, manage bonded wallets, vote on network proposals, interact with smart contracts, and more.

Modify your node details

View and modify on-chain details about your node, like your name, country, and contact info. You can also adjust the wallets approved to bond against your node.

Participate in the CPS

View all proposals submitted to ICON’s decentralised grant fund, the Contribution Proposal System (CPS). See the status of each proposal, and each validator’s response.

Vote on network proposals

Browse all previous governance proposals for the ICON Network, and vote on any active proposals.

Interact with smart contracts

Interact with any smart contract on the ICON Network in combination with Hana or ICONex.

Manage your ICON node with Node Butler

Open Node Butler in a Chrome-based browser and sign in with your ICON validator wallet.

Open Node Butler

Made by Espanicon

Espanicon is a validator for the ICON blockchain. To support their work, use staked ICX to vote for them. For feedback and collaboration opportunities, contact [email protected]

Funded by the CPS

ICON’s Contribution Proposal System (CPS) is a decentralised grant fund for projects that benefit the ICON ecosystem. If you have an idea for a project that benefits ICON, apply to the CPS to get funded.